Safe packaging

Acids can be perilous in nature and should be meticulously used. For their safety measures, our team has come up with ingenious packaging system that is specifically made for acids.

safety & special packaging concept

Packing materials are very carefully selected considering reactivity and leachability of each product. This not only ensures quality of our reagents but also safety of users and environment.

overvice of packing materials

  • Amber glass bottles - 500 ml to 2.5 lit

    provides UV Protection up to 500 nm wavelength, there by ensuring longer shelf life for light sensitive products.

  • Clear glass bottles -250 ml to 5000 ml

    Made from high purity borosilicate class 3.3 glass this range of packing material has very low traces of impurities thereby offering longer shelf life for our products.

  • Pu coated - safebreak bottlesa - 250 ml to 5000 ml

    We also offer clear glass bottles with specialized PU coating to ensure maximum safety of the end user in case of any accidental breakage while handling. Should the bottle fall and break, the liquid and glass splinters are effectively contained so that you have time to transfer the hazardous liquid present in the bottle.

  • HDPE Containers - 500 ml to 1000 lit

    Easy to handle and widely used across the range of our products. Special grades of HDPE are chosen to ensure longer shelf life of our products.

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